Machine Pitch

Ages 7-8. Teams determined by area.


  • Innings: 6 or 1 hours, whichever comes first.
  • Pitching: Machine Pitches 4 hittable baseballs. 3 Strikes and batter is out, except on foul balls. If a foul ball is caught the batter is out.
  • 6 players on infield, in proper positions. Rest of players in the outfield 20 feet back from the dirt infield. At this age, its better to put players in the outfield, even if it means there are 4 or 5 outfielders, to help keep the kids interested and involved. Sitting on the bench at this age is not what the league wants to have happen.
  • Stealing: Not Allowed
  • Catcher is crouched behind hitter trying to receive pitched balls.
  • Coach stands behind catcher on fence to facilitate getting balls back without waiting on catcher, in order to speed game along.
  • Practices before games is NOT allowed, as the fields are prepped, chalked and dragged for the games.
  • Real baseballs are used.
  • All players at game bat in the line up, but 3 outs each inning.
  • 35MPH speed of machine. No adjusting the speeds during the game, all players will hit balls pitched at the same speed. It works best to give the machine 3-5 seconds after each thrown ball to get the speed of wheel back up.
  • No practice before games on fields that are prepped and ready…if a field is chalked and ready for a game, please hold practice somewhere else. The only exception to this is for teams like the Tee Ball teams that can hold a practice on grass on the outside portion of the outfield fence.
  • If a game is going in progress, there is to be no practice on any part of the field, in order to minimize the distractions to the players.
  • All players at the game are to bat in the lineup. No player sits the bench for 2 consecutive innings during the regular season play. Benched players rotate into the field every other inning. In Machine
  • Pitch, no one is to sit the bench, all players are allowed to be in the outfield (20 ft. back from dirt), so no one sits the bench and loses interest in the game.
  • 5 Runs Max per inning. Continuation rule applies. For example, if the 5th run is on 3rd base and the bases are loaded, and the batter hits the ball and gets a grand slam, all runs scored before the last out is made will count as runs scored, therefore 8 runs could be counted as runs in the scorebook.
  • These rules were put in place to help give a better experience to all players regardless of their skill set. Additional rules can be found online at our website, or in the official Little League Rule Book.Ages 7-8 Teams are determined by area.