Major League

Ages 10-12 Determined by April 30th 2017.

Players that played last season will not need to tryout. They will remain on the same team.

*2017 tryouts will be March 1st and 2nd. 4:30-6pm.

Tryouts are at the Little League Fields on Little League Drive in Santa Clara

Games will be played on Mondays and Wednesdays.


Age: 10-12 yrs. old​ as of April 30th of the current season.  Note: 12 yr. olds have to play in the Majors.

​1. Majors is for players ages 10 – 12 as of August 31st of the current season. The division will continue developing the all around baseball skills of the game. Players will hit off of live pitching to help develop both batting and pitching technique.

2. Players with other siblings in the same division– If two or more siblings are playing in the same division (ie. Juniors, Majors, Minors), then all the siblings shall have the opportunity to play on the same team, unless the parent contacts the league prior to tryouts and states they do not want their children to play on the same team.  If a coach drafts a player with other siblings in the same division, the other sibling(s) are automatically drafted onto the same team and the coach will use up his other draft picks with the additional siblings.

*10 & 11 yr olds that are not drafted will go directly to the minor league, regardless if they have a sibling who was drafted, or already on a majors team.



  • Games are 6 innings or 1 hour 40 min ..
  • No practice before games on fields that are prepped and ready…if a field is chalked and ready for a game, please hold practice somewhere else. The only exception to this is for teams like the Tee Ball teams that can hold a practice on grass on the outside portion of the outfield fence.
  • If a game is going in progress, there is to be no practice on any part of the field, in order to minimize the distractions to the players.
  • No player sits the bench for 2 consecutive innings during the regular season play. Benched players rotate into the field every other inning
  • No batters are to be intentionally walked. Along the lines of “no intentional walks”, the catcher is to remain behind home plate in a catchers position. Catchers consecutively setting up too far inside/outside/high in an obvious attempt to intentionally walk a batter is not allowed.
  • These rules were put in place to help give a better experience to all players regardless of their skill set. Additional rules can be found online at our website, or in the official Little League Rule Book.
  • 8 Runs Max per inning.  Continuation rule applies.  For example, if the 8th run is on 3rd base and the bases are loaded, and the batter hits the ball and gets a grand slam, all runs scored before the last out is made will count as runs scored, therefore 11 runs could be counted as runs in the scorebook.
  • Visitor keeps track of pitch counts including foul balls.  Sometimes the scorekeeper does not track foul balls.  Pitch count should be announced after each half-inning so both coaches are aware of where they are at. Both teams should keep score but home team has official scorebook.