Minor League

Ages 7-9 determined by December 31 2016

Games will be played on Wednesday’s


Minor League Softball (local) Rules 2017


  1. Games will be 1 hour long. Play as many innings in 60 minutes.


  1. Each batter will receive 4 pitches, after 4th pitch, batter’s coach will throw 2 more pitches. Girl will either hit or strike out. A foul ball on the 6th pitch will not be considered a strike.


  1. Bat all players. The first half of the season hit all the way through the line-up then switch hitting team and fielding team. There are not three outs in an inning at this point. If a batter or runner is out they will leave the base and return to the dugout. Second half of the season: three outs in an inning or 5 runs scored.


  1. No infield fly rule.


  1. Players may advance until the ball is in the infield (not necessarily in control). The base line is considered the infield.


  1. All girls can play in the field. But only 1 girl per infield spot.                 EX: 1 pitcher, 1 catcher, 1 at each base.


  1. No stealing bases.


  1. Home team is in the field first.


  1. No assigned dugouts.